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2022 State of the Science Workshop

Building on Existing Knowledge and Emerging Collaborations 

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Event App

State of the Science Workshop on Wildlife and Offshore Wind Energy

July 26-28, 2022

The 2022 State of the Science Workshop on Wildlife and Offshore Wind Energy will be using the Cvent Events App for both in-person and virtual participants. This event platform has both a web version and mobile app that allows for easy access to the agenda, Q&A for each session, attendee information, and more. The Cvent Event App is available in two slightly different versions for mobile app and web browsers. We recommend that in-person attendees download the mobile app to a phone/tablet for access at the meeting. Virtual attendees should use the web browser on a desktop to access video recordings of sessions.

Accessing the Event App

You do not need to install an application on your computer to run the web browser version of Cvent. Cvent has a web app that you can run from your internet browser.  Cvent is compatible with the latest versions of ChromeFirefoxSafari, and Microsoft Edge.

There is also a Cvent mobile app, which we recommend for in-person attendees, but it is not necessary for attendance at the workshop. Download the "Cvent Events" app from the app store (requires iOS 14 or higher or Android 10 or higher. Devices that use the Amazon App Store are not supported).

Once you download the mobile app or click the below button to the web browser event app, enter the event ID when prompted or into the search bar which is nDild sots2022 (note the space in between the words - that must be added, and the ID is also case-sensitive). You will also need to enter your name and email address. Your name and email must match those used to register for the event. A verification code will be sent to your email or mobile device. Enter the verification code when prompted.

Workshop Resources

State of the Science Workshop organizers have developed attendee and speaker/moderator guides specific to this event.


Attendee Guide



IT Support

If you have problems using either the Cvent web app or mobile app, we will have several workshop staff on hand to help. Please refer to the user guides above prior to seeking additional IT support. You can also find additional information on the accessing the Event App by visiting this link

Troubleshooting Log In

  • Ensure you are entering the same email you registered with for the event.

  • Check spam and junk folders for the verification code email.

  • The email or text should be triggered in less than a minute.

  • If you still do not receive the verification code, contact or ask for help at the registration table at the venue.

  • If you do need to log in again, you will be sent a new verification code to enter.

  • The same verification code will not work to log into both the web and mobile app. You will need a separate verification code for each.

Photo credits: Banner offshore wind farm © Nicholas Doherty; 

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