E-TWG Activities

Development of Guidance for Regional Monitoring and Research

The Regional Wildlife Science Entity (RWSE) and the E-TWG are undertaking a joint effort for the eastern United States to develop guidance for regional research and monitoring of offshore wind energy and wildlife. This effort is being pursued via development of an expert subcommittee under the purview of both the RWSE and E-TWG. The joint subcommittee will work to inform the allocation of regional research funding by developing a publicly available guidance document that:

  1. Collates research needs identified via other existing efforts that are appropriate to address at the regional scale, and

  2. Provides guidance on study design, methodology, data transparency, and reporting.


The joint subcommittee developing this guidance will serve as the first iteration of the RWSE's cross-cutting/cross-taxa subcommittee. Guidance is expected to be completed by mid-2022.  Additional information will be made available on the RWSE website as this effort continues. 

Photo credits: Dogfish shark © Boris Pamikov - shutterstock; Wind turbines © Mark König; Birds © Florian Hahn; Humpback whale © Phoebe Dill