2020 State of the Science Workshop

State of the Science Workgroups

State of the Science Workshop on Wildlife and Offshore Wind Energy 2020: Cumulative Impacts

Throughout the winter/spring of 2021, seven State of the Science workgroups identified scientific research, monitoring, and coordination needs to improve our understanding of cumulative biological impacts from offshore wind development. The goal for each workgroup was to identify a list of studies for their topic area that could be implemented in the next 5 years to position the stakeholder community to better understand cumulative impacts as the offshore wind industry develops in the U.S.


Through a combination of virtual meetings, online surveys, and virtual collaboration for document development, each group produced a report (below) that highlights recommended research priorities. During the State of the Science Workshop 2020: Cumulative Impacts culmination webinar on May 21, 2021 (12 pm-2 pm EDT), workgroup leads will present their recommendations and discuss common themes among groups. Register for the webinar here.

Many thanks to all workgroup members! Collectively, these workgroups represent over 200 scientific experts and other stakeholders (workgroup members are listed as an appendix in each report). A big thank you is due, in particular, to our workgroup leads, who have put a great deal of time into planning meetings, developing draft reports, and other efforts. Thank you all for your recent (and ongoing) efforts!

Workgroup Reports

Workgroup reports will be made available for download once they have been finalized.


Download Report

Environmental Change

Technical Lead

Jeff Carpenter
Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht


Download Report

Fishes & Mobile Invertebrates

Focus: Sound and Vibrations

Technical Lead

Arthur Popper 
University of Maryland

Lyndie Hice-Dunton
Responsible Offshore Science Alliance


Report Available Soon


Technical Lead

Aonghais Cook
British Trust for Ornithology


Jillian Liner

Audubon New York


Report Available


Marine Mammals

Technical Lead

Brandon Southall
Southall Environmental Associates, Inc.

Laura Morse



Report Available Soon


Technical Lead

Cris Hein
National Renewable Energy Laboratory



Report Available


Sea Turtles

Technical Lead

Gregg Gitschlag
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin.



Ruth Perry
Shell New Energies

Arhnue Tan.jpg

Report Available Soon


Technical Leads

Steven Degraer 
Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
Zoe Hutchison 
University of St. Andrews

Carl Lobue
The Nature Conservancy

Photo credits: Loggerhead sea turtle © Kate Sutherland; Benthos © Arhnue Tan; Fish © Lance Anderson; Northern gannet © Birger Strahl; Bats © Clemente Falize; Humpback whale © Sandra Seitamaa;

Green sea turtle © James Thorton; Ocean © Ines Alvarez