E-TWG Activities

E-TWG Activities

The Environmental Technical Working Group is involved in many ongoing efforts related to the environmentally responsible development of offshore wind. 



Updated April 15, 2020



Bird & Bat Scientific Research Framework



Environmental Mitigation Plans

State of the Science Workshops

BMP Specialist Committees

Photo credits: Dogfish shark © Boris Pamikov - Shuttershock; Offshore windfarm © Chuyuss - Shuttershock; Loggerhead sea turtle © Kate Sutherland; School of sardines © Andrea Izzotti - Fotolio; Gulls © Maria Maliy - Unsplash; Humpback whale © Sandra Seitamaa - Unsplash; Wind farm © David Will - Pixabay

The Environmental Technical Working Group (E-TWG) is a New York State outreach and collaboration effort with environmental stakeholders and offshore wind energy developers.

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