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Wildlife and Offshore Wind Fact Sheets

 Wildlife and Offshore Wind Fact Sheets


There are a variety of science communications materials and science-based information available on wildlife and offshore wind energy development. In addition to the webinar library, a selection of printed resources are available below.


If you have suggestions for other resources to add to this page, please email Eleanor Eckel.

Whales and Offshore Wind

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Whales and Offshore Wind

Addressing Misinformation on Offshore Wind Farms and Recent Whale Mortalities 

Department of Energy |  Link

Atlantic Marine Conservation Society 2023 Stranding Summary

Atlantic Marine Conservation Society |  Link

Associated Press Article: Contrary to politicians' claims, offshore wind farms don't kill whales.

Associated Press | Link 

Conserving Marine Wildlife Fact Sheet

Equinor | Link 

The Dynamic Ocean: Offshore Wind Energy and Other Activities in the New York Bight


Discovery of Sound in the Sea Frequently Asked Questions 


Gotham Whale FAQ

Gotham Whale | Link 

Update on Strandings of Large Whales Along the East Coast 

Marine Mammal Commission | Link 

Understanding Marine Mammal Unusual Mortality Events FAQ 

NOAA Fisheries | Link 

RealOffshoreWind Frequently Asked Questions on Offshore Wind

RealOffshoreWind | Link

Photo credits: Whale fluke © Richard Sagredo

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